Membership Guidelines

Please ensure you read and fully understand the Auto Fixx Club guidelines below.

What’s Covered and What’s Not

The Auto Fixx Club is designed to cover major breakdowns that impact the driveability and operation of your vehicle. The membership does not cover regular maintenance items such as oil changes, brake repairs, cracked windshields or broken taillights or headlights. Below is a list of what is covered.

If your car experiences a breakdown, just give us a call and we’ll sort out the details.

Fuel System (e.g. fuel pump and injectors)

Ignition System (e.g. alternator and starters)

Transmission (and related transmission parts)

Electrical System (related to drivability - e.g. battery)

Engine (and related engine parts)

Suspension (e.g. arms, springs, and wheel bearings)

Legal Limitations

  • Membership benefits are non-transferrable to non-members, other members, and/or members of a different subscription level.
  • Membership benefits are only valid for the vehicle registered with the Auto Fixx Club.
  • Any suspected attempt to defraud the club will result in the immediate revocation of the member’s subscription and its benefits without compensation or refund of any funds paid to the club.
  • Warranty for repairs will be subject to the repair shop’s policies and is not part of the Auto Fixx Club benefits.
  • Each member can choose their own mechanic. The Auto Fixx Club may make mechanic recommendations to members without warranty or liability. Members are encouraged to do their own due diligence before accepting a recommendation.
  • Membership fees paid during the validation period (first 90 days) are non-refundable.
  • The Auto FIxx Club reserves the right to deny membership to whomever it deems ineligible.